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  • Jarvis

    Jarvis is engineered to transform task execution through a unique blend of natural language understanding [...]

  • RicAI

    RicAI Autonomous Testing Agent

    RicAI is designed to revolutionize the often time-consuming and expensive software testing process. In essence, [...]

  • remote patriot

    Remote Patriot

    Remote Patriot connects disabled veterans to remote work opportunities using LLM autonomous agent architecture. Each [...]

  • FlowFacts AI

    Flowfacts AI is an AGI agent built on the Deep Research Toolkit and SuperAGI tooling. [...]


    Tactical AI

    Tactical AI  deploys multiple agents to work concurrently within a uniform environment, producing collective documents. [...]

  • The Green Bean

    The Green Bean is an AI tool designed to help small and medium-sized businesses navigate [...]

  • scraper

    WebSummarizer Agent

    QuantumQrew's SuperAGI WebSummarizer Agent, is designed to streamline web content digestion through the prowess of [...]

  • superagi_no_code

    SuperAGI No-Code

    SuperAGI No-Code, leverages the power of LLM technology to enable businesses to seamlessly integrate advanced [...]

  • Simbad

    SIMBAD – Microtargeting Solution

    SIMBAD provides a microtargeting solution designed for performance marketers and ad specialists. Built on SuperAGI, [...]

  • agentspeak

    Agent Speak ToolKit

    AgentSpeak Toolkit integrates autonomous agency within multi-model designs using Agent Speak and pY4J technology. This [...]

  • STS

    Exponential workflows with STS

    The app is designed to revolutionize collaborative efforts by integrating multiple humans and autonomous agents [...]

  • application

    Application AI for Students

    Application AI for Students is centered on utilizing artificial intelligence to optimize the student application [...]

  • hr-helper


    Hr-Helper, streamlines the job application process for both applicants and HR teams. Users submit their [...]