Introducing SuperCoder 2.0

SuperCoder is an Autonomous System that combines AI Native Dev platform & AI Agents to enable fully autonomous software development starting with python language & frameworks

SuperAGI SuperCoder 2.0

Supported Languages & Frameworks

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LAMs/LLMs finetuned for Python

SuperCoder leverages LLMs & Large Action Model ( LAM) fine-tuned for python code generation leading to one shot or few shot python functional coding with significantly higher accuracy across SWE-bench & Codebench

Framework Specific Workflows

As an autonomous system, SuperCoder combines software guardrails specific to development framework starting with Flask & Django with SuperAGI’s Generally Intelligent Developer Agents to deliver complex real world software systems

Framework specific Workflows

Integrates with Your Stack

SuperCoder deeply integrates with existing developer stack such as Jira, Github or Gitlab, Jenkins, CSPs and QA solutions such as BrowserStack /Selenium Clouds to ensure a seamless software development experience

Manage complex projects with version control & issue tracker

SuperCoder reimagines version control, PRs with human feedback and issue tracking for an autonomous software development paradigm – Fully automating the mundane dev efforts, while developers can focus on high level aspects

SuperCoder Client Stories

See how SuperCoder has transformed enterprises through autonomous development solutions

  • Fintech Company

    A Bay Area fintech startup builds Customer360 with SuperCoder, achieving 3x faster project development

  • Pharmaceutical Company

    A Mid-Sized Pharma Company used SuperCoder to build a Custom RAG Software, saving $1.1M in cost

Autonomous Software Development is here!

The Role of Large Coding Models (LCMs) in Autonomous Software Development