remote patriot

Created by:

Blaise Pascual, Andrew Pascual, Shahar Bard

About App

Remote Patriot connects disabled veterans to remote work opportunities using LLM autonomous agent architecture. Each veteran gets a personalized autonomous agent, trained on their resume and job preferences. This agent applies for jobs, reaches out to hiring managers, and updates the veteran on potential matches. Core features include a job scraper that locates and saves remote job listings, an AI-guided resume builder, and an intuitive user interface where veterans simply input their preferences and let the AI manage their job applications. The app stands out by being the first to use autonomous agents for job matching and offers an unmatched user experience. Developed using Weaviate, SuperAGI, and Python, it targets disabled veterans seeking jobs and employers wanting to hire skilled veterans.

Demo Video

Tech Stack

SuperAGI, Weaviate, Langchain

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