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Don Duval, Tionna WP

About App

Tactical AI  deploys multiple agents to work concurrently within a uniform environment, producing collective documents. Initially, the plan was to run 10 Upper Level Suite agents for broad strategic purposes, plus 30 supporting agents for more immediate tasks. However, a lack of comprehensive domain knowledge constrained our scope. Adapting to this, there’s an implementation of a “Human – Machine Teaming” model. This was structured to foster user trust by transparently highlighting the origins of our domain knowledge. This knowledge was then categorized, stored in Pinecone, and merged with role-specific insights. An integral feature is Super AGI’s document modification tool, enabling agents to collaboratively edit a singular document. The efficiency is evident: a workload typically requiring 160 hours from a team was completed in one app run. The detailed results can be accessed on GitHub.

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Tech Stack

SuperAGI, Langchain

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