Created by:

Ian Zhai, KenIAMxy

About App

Jarvis is engineered to transform task execution through a unique blend of natural language understanding and computational logic. The system is underpinned by a custom YAML-based syntax that features intuitive constructs like ‘If Condition’ and ‘Loop Condition’. Unlike conventional programming languages, this syntax is simpler, mirroring natural language for user-friendliness. This also offers Jarvis unparalleled flexibility in task execution. Each completed task becomes a ‘skill’ within the Jarvis ecosystem, further improving its efficiency. The app distinguishes between ‘Trainers’ and ‘Agents’ for its optimal utilization: Trainers work in secure environments, using resources like superagi and babyagi to refine Jarvis’s skills, while Agents use these trained skills to tackle real-world tasks. In essence, Jarvis is geared to make complex task execution as simple as issuing a command, with the eventual aim of integrating with Low Code platforms.

Demo Video

Tech Stack

SuperAGI, Langchain, Chroma

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