Created by:

Stephan Buendia, Gregory Magnusson, Andrew Dougherty, ramzi osta, Aqsa Ashfaq

About App

AgentSpeak Toolkit integrates autonomous agency within multi-model designs using Agent Speak and pY4J technology. This ensures interoperability among different modeling frameworks. It employs Agent Speak for enriched agent communications and employs BDI models to aid in negotiations and decisions within autonomous systems. Tools like ToolKitBuilder and Autopacker’s agent-deb streamline tool management in distributed contexts, with seamless Python and Java operation. The architecture supports scalability, high abstraction, and efficient low-level operations. The app’s main function is deploying autonomous agents capable of perception, reasoning, and action in varied environments. With AgentSpeak, the objective is not just automation but genuine intelligence in autonomous systems.

Demo Video

Tech Stack

SuperAGI, llama 2

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