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Rohan Gautam

About App

The Green Bean is an AI tool designed to help small and medium-sized businesses navigate sustainability regulations when entering new markets, specifically in the USA, India, and Singapore. Leveraging autonomous agents, it builds a corpus of regulatory documents. Users can then explore relevant news or ask precise questions tailored to their business through a user-friendly web interface. The three core functionalities include: a) deciphering current regulations, b) updating users with pertinent sustainability news, and c) future plans to generate marketing content for stakeholder communication. While this MVP showcases the primary functions, please note the backend utilizes personal API keys and some free-tier services, so occasional slowdowns or timeouts might occur during access. Our aim is to bridge the gap between policy design and real-world business operations, championing a more sustainable future

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Tech Stack

SuperAGI, Langchain, Vercel

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