555 Lytton Ave. Palo Alto, CA, August 17, 2023 / First published on OpenPR. The 66-hour virtual hackathon focuses on solving real-world use cases using leading AI agent frameworks like SuperAGI, AutoGPT, Langchain, babyAGI, etc. It’s set to merge talent and tools from global AI leaders like OpenAI, AWS, LlamaIndex, Weaviate, and Arize.

SuperAGI is organizing one of the largest Autonomous Agents Hackathon, starting 18 August onwards. The 66-hour-long virtual hackathon aims to bring together a global network of AI agent frameworks, developers, AI enthusiasts, researchers, and industry professionals. Over 2500 developers are expected to participate in the hackathon worldwide.


Participants will aim to solve real-world use cases using Autonomous Agent frameworks like SuperAGI, AutoGPT, babyAGI, and LangChain. Mentors and Speakers from OpenAI, AWS, LlamaIndex, AutoGPT, E2B, Gpt Engineer, Weaviate, and Arize AI will guide participants throughout the event.

The event extends beyond a coding challenge and serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and sharing expertise around autonomous agents. Attendees can engage with thought leaders and builders from leading Autonomous AI projects such as Auto-GPT, E2B, Gpt-Engineer & other partnering organizations.

This hackathon is set to expedite the adoption of Autonomous AI Agents among developers and businesses.