Power your Applications with Large Agentic Models (LAMs)

Language models built specifically to execute agentic tasks


Building Agentic Artificial General Intelligence

We are building foundation models that can translate natural language commands into actionable outputs to execute complex tasks with greater accuracy – enabling modern software to operate autonomously.

Agentic System for Autonomous Actions

AGI-1 is engineered to work with APIs, external tools & agent frameworks – trained specifically to enable enterprise applications to take autonomous actions in response to natural language prompts.

AGI-1 Playground

See AGI-1 in Action


We are at the forefront looking for people who are passionate about engineering the system that makes software more intelligent, efficient, and autonomous.

Come build the future of Agentic Systems with us

Research we’re following

  • MAGIS: LLM-Based Multi-Agent Framework for GitHub Issue Resolution

  • CodeS: Natural Language to Code Repository via Multi-Layer Sketch

  • DebugBench: Evaluating Debugging Capability of Large Language Models