Jake, crafted by SuperAGI, is an AI Market Research Agent designed to elevate the efficiency and accuracy of data analysis in market research. Distinct from standard data analysis tools, Jake employs advanced AI systems to rapidly sift through and synthesize large volumes of data. It integrates state-of-the-art AI to interpret not only textual but also visual data sources, streamlining the analytical process to deliver actionable market insights with impressive speed. Jake drives innovative AI research and application, driving smarter business decisions in the data-driven world.

Contrasting Human Market Researchers and Jake AI

Human Market Researchers, although equipped with valuable domain expertise, are constrained by manual processes and cognitive limitations. Their reports demand considerable time and are susceptible to errors inherent in manual data collection and analysis. Furthermore, the subjective nature of human analysis introduces variability, potentially compromising the reliability of findings.

In stark contrast, Jake embodies a significant advancement in market research methodology as an AI-driven market researcher. By leveraging advanced algorithms and LLM Agents, Jake swiftly generates comprehensive reports, derived from its own knowledge and an exploration of over 50 webpages, reports, or papers. This automated approach not only expedites the research process but also ensures a broader scope of analysis. Additionally, Jake’s remarkable turnaround time of just 15 minutes empowers decision-makers with real-time insights, facilitating swift and informed decision-making. This blend of efficiency and reliability distinguishes Jake as a formidable entity in the field of market research.

Jake Graph

Methodology of Jake’s Research

1.Initial Planning Phase

Every research task undertaken by Jake commences with meticulous planning. During this phase, Jake evaluates the research scope, identifies key focus areas, and formulates specific questions for exploration. This initial blueprint serves as a guiding framework for subsequent steps, ensuring that every action aligns with the overarching goal of generating insightful market analysis.

2.Utilization of Research Agents

Once the plan is established, Jake activates its specialized AI workers, referred to as Chain of Thought (CoT) workers. These workers serve as the backbone of the operation, executing tasks with precision. The Chain-of-Thought (CoT) technique plays a pivotal role in Jake’s workflow, enhancing the reasoning and problem-solving capabilities of LLMs. By breaking down complex problems into manageable steps and guiding sequential reasoning, CoT prompting enables Jake to generate clear and accurate responses. Each action performed by CoT workers influences subsequent steps in the reasoning process, such as conducting web searches or visiting specific URLs.


After the CoT workers complete their tasks, the next step in Jake’s research methodology involves an analysis agent. This agent, powered by LLMs, scrutinizes the gathered data and extracts meaningful insights. The analysis phase serves as the bridge between data collection and report generation. It adds a layer of interpretation and understanding, transforming mere information into actionable knowledge. Without this crucial step, the data gathered by CoT workers would remain disparate and unexplored, lacking the coherence and relevance necessary for informed decision-making.

4.Report Generation

Following the analysis phase, Jake undertakes the final stage of the process. This entails reviewing, editing, and organizing gathered information to produce a comprehensive market research report. Jake’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that the report not only provides valuable insights but also maintains clarity and coherence.

Here is a market research report generated by Jake on fashion brands in NYC – View Report

Practical Applications

Retail Sector

In the dynamic retail landscape, Jake offers retailers a competitive edge by providing comprehensive competitive intelligence and market benchmarking insights. Through analysis of competitor websites in real time, Jake uncovers crucial data on product offerings, pricing strategies, and promotional campaigns. This information enables retailers to adjust pricing strategies, identify unique selling propositions, and track market trends effectively.

Moreover, Jake facilitates performance benchmarking by analyzing key indicators such as market share and customer retention rates. This empowers retailers to identify areas for improvement and capitalize on market opportunities with agility and confidence.

Financial Firms’ Investment Decision Making

For financial firms, Jake’s insights are invaluable in understanding industry dynamics and formulating successful investment strategies. By analyzing market size, growth prospects, and competitive landscapes, Jake equips firms with actionable insights for strategic decision-making. Offering analyses such as SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces, Jake unveils key drivers and challenges within sectors, guiding firms towards lucrative investment opportunities aligned with market trends.

Jake’s forward-looking analyses enable financial firms to anticipate emerging opportunities and maintain a competitive edge in dynamic business environments. By optimizing investments and fostering long-term growth, Jake’s advanced capabilities redefine industry analysis, empowering firms to navigate market complexities with confidence.


The introduction of Jake represents a notable improvement in market research and analysis. Jake combines large language models and agents to go beyond the constraints of traditional research methods. Jake is efficient, reliable, and thorough, enhancing the way businesses gather and use market data to make quick, confident decisions.

With the ability to generate comprehensive reports in a fraction of the time required by human researchers, Jake not only accelerates the pace of decision-making but also ensures that insights are derived from a broader scope of data.

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