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Introduction to SuperAGI

A dev-first open source autonomous AI agent framework enabling developers to build, manage & run useful autonomous agents. You can run concurrent agents seamlessly, extend agent capabilities with tools. The agents efficiently perform a variety of tasks and continually improve their performance with each subsequent run.


  • Provision, Spawn & Deploy Autonomous AI Agents - Create production-ready & scalable autonomous agents.
  • Extend Agent Capabilities with Tools - Add various tools/toolkits to your agent workflows.
  • Graphical User Interface - Access your agents through a graphical user interface.
  • Action Console - Interact with agents by giving them input and permissions.
  • Multiple Vector DBs - Connect to multiple Vector DBs to enhance your agent’s performance.
  • Performance Telemetry - Get insights into your agent’s performance and optimize accordingly.
  • Optimized Token Usage - Control token usage to manage costs effectively.
  • Agent Memory Storage - Enable your agents to learn and adapt by storing their memory.