Become an AGI Scholar

Join our 6 months scholar program that aims to provide a rich environment for AI researchers to collaboratively work alongside SuperAGI team towards achieving Artificial General Intelligence

  • About the Program

The program offers an opportunity for AI researchers & engineers from all around the world to foster the developments & advancements in the direction of AGI. Offering direct collaboration with SuperAGI research team and access to resources required to conduct the research.

  • Who we’re looking for?

We’re welcoming applicants who are passionate about artificial intelligence research including Ph.D. holders & Ph.D. students. We are also accepting experienced software engineers and talents from UGs/PGs who aspire to transition into full-time research roles within the field of AI.

Key Areas of Research

Agentic Models

Designing and Exploring Cognitive Architectures for Enhanced Reasoning, Planning, Adaptability & Execution in Dynamic Environments.

Model Architecture

Investigating and Enhancing Current Models with Adaptive Learning Rate Strategies and Advanced Attention Mechanisms.

Reinforcement Learning

Focusing on Sample Efficiency and Advancing Transfer Learning Techniques in RL Scenarios.


Examining Methods for Multi-modal Data Utilization and Advancing Distributed Training Systems.


Creating Novel Algorithms for Enhanced Fine-tuning and Implementing Meta-Learning for Efficient Adaptation to New Tasks.

Data Algorithms

Focused on Quality Improvement, Synthetic Data, Efficient Federated Learning, Augmentation Techniques, Anomaly Detection, Data Privacy, and Composition

Inviting University Research Centers

We look forward to collaborate with Universities to bring in their expertise, resources, & perspectives for the development of AGI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This program has been designed especially for students pursuing/completed their PhD(s).

The program is conducted in cohorts. Interested people can apply for the program anytime by filling out the application form. There is NO application deadline. Once we receive your application, one of the SuperAGI team member will get in touch with you to schedule your interview and co-ordinate for the enrolment in upcoming cohort.

Produce novel research in a specific AI sub-field and publish a research paper by the end of the  program.

We encourage AI researchers to visit to our Headquarter and work closely with the team.In case if the researchers can not relocate, we do offer remote support.

Yes, a standard pay will be offered to the AI researcher upon selection.

For Any additional questions, please reach out to us at