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Autonomous Software Development is here!

The Role of Large Coding Models (LCMs) in Autonomous Software Development

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We are building a leading research organization focused on Generalized Super Intelligence. We work on research in technical areas such as Neurosymbolic AI, Autonomous Agents & Multi-Agent Systems, New Model Architectures, System 2 Thinking, Recursive Self-Improving Systems, and other socio-economic super AGI-related topics such as Digital Workforce, Algorithmic Governance, UBI, etc.

V-Zen: Efficient GUI Understanding and Precise Grounding With A Novel Multimodal LLM

  • The Role of Large Coding Models (LCMs) in Autonomous Software Development

    Introduction In our last blog, we discussed the challenges around Autonomous Software Development which is totally free from human intervention. Toward the end, we shared our stance on why startups [...]

  • Autonomous Software Development is here!

    Introduction The year is 2030. The latest company to get listed on NASDAQ has just 2 employees. There is a CEO, and a CTO and they are supported by a [...]

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