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Save time & cost with SuperCoder 2.0

LAMs/LLMs finetuned for Python

SuperCoder 2.0 leverages LLMs & Large Action Model ( LAM) fine-tuned for python code generation leading to one shot or few shot python functional coding with significantly higher accuracy across SWE-bench & Codebench

Framework Specific Workflows

As an autonomous system, SuperCoder 2.0 combines software guardrails specific to development framework starting with Flask & Django with SuperAGI’s Generally Intelligent Developer Agents to deliver complex real world software systems

Framework specific Workflows

Top-Tier Security & Compliance

SuperCoder 2.0 ensures your intellectual property & code are secure from AI-related misuse

Integrates with Your Stack

SuperCoder 2.0 deeply integrates with existing developer stack such as Jira, Github or Gitlab, Jenkins, CSPs and QA solutions such as BrowserStack /Selenium Clouds to ensure a seamless software development experience

Manage complex projects with version control & issue tracker

SuperCoder 2.0 reimagines version control, PRs with human feedback and issue tracking for an autonomous software development paradigm – Fully automating the mundane dev efforts, while developers can focus on high level aspects

SuperCoder 2.0 Client Stories

See how SuperCoder 2.0 has transformed enterprises through autonomous development solutions

  • Fintech Company

    A Bay Area fintech startup builds Customer360 with SuperCoder, achieving 3x faster project development

  • Pharmaceutical Company

    A Mid-Sized Pharma Company used SuperCoder to build a Custom RAG Software, saving $1.1M in cost

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