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Research lab dedicated to explore and pursue Generalized Super Intelligence

Super AGI Research Lab

We are building a leading research organization focused on Generalized Super Intelligence. We work on research in technical areas such as Neurosymbolic AI, Autonomous Agents & Multi-Agent Systems, New Model Architectures, System 2 Thinking, Recursive Self-Improving Systems, and other socio-economic super AGI-related topics such as Digital Workforce, Algorithmic Governance, UBI, etc.

Meet SuperAGI’s VEagIe: An Open- source vision model that beats SoTA models like Bliva & Llava

  • Towards AGI: [Part 2] Multiverse of Actions

    In part-1 of Towards AGI series, we discussed a core component of Agents - Memory. However, the early agent architectures, didn’t have Memory as a first class primitive. As we [...]

  • Towards AGI: [Part 1] Agents with Memory

    Agents are an emerging class of artificial intelligence (AI) systems that use large language models (LLMs) to interact with the world. In the 'Towards AGI' series, we aim to explore [...]

Neurosymbolic AI

Autonomous Agents & Multi-Agent Systems

Recursive Self-Improvement Systems

Novel Model Architectures

System 2 Thinking

Recursive Self-Improvement Systems

Digital Workforce

Algorithmic Governance

Human-AI Collaboration


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